Specialty Services

Even though it may seem that everything is fine in your building, you may be wasting energy and money every day. All HVAC systems need to be tuned up with some regularity because:

The point is that things change, and your HVAC and building control systems need to be adjusted to deal with these changes and maintain peak efficiency.

Specialty services from FT Williams & Associates do exactly that … ensure sure your building systems are operating at their best efficiency. We provide different types of specialty services depending on your building’s age, needs and history.

Newer buildings will benefit from an HVAC system tune-up. This service focuses on the heating, ventilation and air conditioning to make sure equipment and controls are working properly and the ventilation system is balanced. Our TAB (testing, adjusting & balancing) services are perfect for this.

Many buildings, new and old, may have never been properly commissioned. Costs, tight schedules and hurried occupants result in building commissioning being abbreviated or omitted. Our commissioning experts are licensed engineers and qualified specialists who conduct new and existing building commissioning to national standards.

Building controls can manage automation (turning lights on/off and thermostats up/down) and they can manage energy consumption (controlling HVAC and systems to minimize energy usage). Just as HVAC systems need regular tune-ups to address changes, control systems may also need to be tuned up or upgraded. We have factory-trained specialists to care for your building controls: pneumatic or digital, Building Automation Systems (BAS), Building Management Systems (BMS) or Energy Management Systems (EMS).

Building Controls & Energy Management

Whether you have a Building Automation System (BAS) or an Energy Management System (EMS) or both – or neither – call us when you need help with existing system maintenance or upgrade or a new system installation and setup.

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FT Williams & Associates' supervisors are certified through the nationally-recognized Building Commission Association (BCxA) to provide either new building commissioning (Cx) or existing building commissioning (RCx).

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Testing, Adjusting and Balancing

Our TAB-certified professionals follow testing, adjusting and balancing procedures according to NEBB (National Environmental Balancing Bureau) standards. Each TAB procedure is thoroughly documented to ensure your HVAC and hydronic systems are performing to system specifications.

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