Piping Systems Pre-Fabrication

Piping, in all sizes, types and materials, is one of the most common commodities on any HVAC or MEP construction project site.

Whenever possible, we fabricate pipe assemblies in our facilities to:

While we use Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) to improve project satisfaction, they are invaluable tools for the pre-fabrication of piping. Our engineers and designers develop optimized piping designs based on our pre-fabrication capabilities. The digital technologies allow for very accurate design of pipe spools and installation details.

Pipe spools are sections of a piping system cut and fitted with flanges, valves, elbows, tees, etc. to simplify installation. The pre-fabrication of pipe spools allows for easier cutting, welding, inspection and testing than such operations would be on-site. For example, pre-fabricating pipes with valves or flanges in our shop allows the pipe to be rolled or rotated during the fitting and welding process making such work easier and of better quality.

Prefabricated pipe spools are delivered to the job site to match the installation sequence thereby minimizing the site space required and keeping the spools better protected.

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