Testing, Adjusting and Balancing

To operate optimally for the comfort of the occupants and to minimize energy consumption, buildings need their HVAC and hydronic systems kept in proper working order. There are three steps to keeping HVAC and hydronic systems in top working order: Testing, Adjusting and Balancing or TAB.

Testing is the use of specialized and calibrated instruments to measure temperatures, pressures, rotational speeds, electrical characteristics, velocities, and air and hydronic quantities for an evaluation of flow conditions.

Adjusting is the varying of system flows by partially closing balancing devices, such as dampers and valves, and varying fan speeds to achieve optimum system operating conditions within design and installation limitations.

Balancing is the methodical proportioning of air and hydronic flows through the system mains, branches, and terminal devices using acceptable procedures to achieve the specified airflow or hydronic flow within testing and design limitations.

Besides having the experience with control strategies, sequence of operation, control systems, equipment and software, our NEBB/TABB certified professionals:

Our service specialists can also talk with you about energy efficiency solutions such as combined heat & power systems and distributed energy resources.

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