There are many definitions of “commissioning” and also a variety of different applications and purposes for it, but commissioning is commonly understood to be a form of quality assurance.

ENGIE MEP commissioning supervisors are certified through the Building Commission Association (BCxA). Whatever type of commissioning services you need, our experienced and certified staff are ready to work with you:

New Building Commissioning (Cx) – There is a common misconception that commissioning is something done once the building is finished. We follow the best practices for new building commissioning which starts during the pre-design phase of the project. Establishing the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) before design starts sets the expectations and energy, performance, operational and scheduling goals that will ultimately form the basis for the commissioning assessment. The new building commissioning process continues through the design and construction phases to ensure the OPR are incorporated.

Existing Building Commissioning (RCx) – Building systems change over time for a variety of reasons such as wear and tear, mis-adjustment, building modifications, equipment failure, malfunction, problems with the original construction, etc. Whether or not a building was properly commissioned when new, these changes act to decrease comfort, performance and energy efficiency. Existing building commissioning, sometimes called “Retro-commissioning”, is the process of assessing building equipment and systems function and the application of measures to return building performance to its original design condition.

RCx differs from an energy audit in that RCx considers the entire building (e.g. where energy is being lost) while energy audits generally focus on equipment performance.

Our licensed engineers and certified specialists provide a holistic approach to your building’s efficiency and performance. Besides commissioning supervisors, our staff includes LEED and Energy Star professionals, testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) professionals, HVAC experts, utility experts and many others highly skilled in all aspects of MEP construction and energy solutions.

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