Design-Build is a method of project delivery growing in popularity since it more closely integrates project design and construction compared to other delivery types. Unlike the separate contracts used in Design-Bid-Build project delivery, the Design-Build owner contracts with a single entity for both design and construction. This means a successful Design-Build project depends upon careful selection of the Design-Build entity.

Selection of a Design-Build entity should focus more on the combination of qualifications, team experience and expertise and price rather than solely on low price alone as is common in the case of Design-Bid-Build.

FT Williams & Associates has the experience and technical and financial resources to lead your Design-Build project. We have all design and engineering capabilities in-house as well as the financial integrity to tackle virtually any project. As one of the largest energy services and mechanical contracting companies in the Caribbean, we are able to blend the vision and financial strength of a utility giant with the resourcefulness and depth of one of the region’s largest mechanical contractors. We are able to tailor comprehensive energy solutions to our varied client’s unique goals and objectives. Whether supporting a core value of environmental stewardship or freeing capital dollars though energy and operating savings, our local, fully integrated team brings a distinctive ability to get it done.

Design-Build projects often attract fewer bidders compared to Design-Bid-Build jobs due to bidder inexperience, high bid costs and increased contractual complexity. Even with fewer bidders, Owners should be comforted knowing that those that do bid should be the most financially sound and technically qualified.

Design-Build and turnkey construction delivery are core areas of expertise at FT Williams & Associates. Clients seeking performance-based, single-source accountability agreements understand all of the advantages of having a Design-Build contractor proven to break down the boundaries plaguing conventional projects, collaborate across various disciplines and deliver on project goals and performance guarantees.

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