In traditional Design-Bid-Build, the project design is completed before the contractor and subcontractors are hired. This creates a disconnect between the designer and the people tasked to do the construction. Design-Assist is a type of project delivery intended to minimize the design disconnect.

Design-Assist is well suited for projects that are especially complex or utilize specialized materials, hardware or techniques. To increase efficiency and reduce problems during construction, Design-Assist brings the necessary specialized knowledge and expertise into early phases of the project design. This is done by the owner’s contracted designer engaging engineers and experts from the specialized subcontractors to provide their input and review of the project design during the early stages.

When FT Williams & Associates is involved in early stages of design, such as in Design-Assist, our extensive and special experience, budgeting assistance and constructability reviews maximize cost savings and help accelerate schedules. Our role as a team member with the owner and designers allows construction to start on fast-track projects prior to the completion of the design documents.

Our specialized knowledge is embodied in our teams of design engineers and project managers. Through the decades we have worked on numerous unique projects from 5-6 stories to remote power plants and from complex MEP contracting to advanced energy solutions, including state-of-the-art large-scale energy storage.

In addition to specialized technical and construction knowledge, we have the ability to leverage all of the financial, capital, energy commodity, and technical capabilities to develop the one unique financial structure that is just right for each client, including the power purchase agreement.

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