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FT Williams & Associates has the needed expertise to take management of your building's security and internal environment to the optimal level. As the official dealer of Honeywell Building Management Systems (BMS) and Building solutions we can help you to save on your building's operational costs while helping you to keep your premises secure and your building and occupants safe.

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Address Immediate and Long-Term Energy Challenges Energy is a complex issue that touches every aspect of a building and presents many simultaneous challenges — energy costs, occupant comfort, and energy security and reliability, to name a few. You need to address these challenges using a responsible and sustainable approach, while maintaining the integrity of your operating budget. FT Williams & Associates backed by Honeywell’s energy experience can help guide you through the complexity. Look to us to help you develop and implement a comprehensive energy strategy to help you reach your goals: Increase energy efficiency Decrease costs Increase reliability and security Improve facility management and optimization through data and analytics Meet carbon footprint and sustainability goals Turn energy into education At FT Williams & Associates, we don’t focus on a singular set of solutions, but rather, take a wide-spectrum view of the entire facility to identify potential opportunities, discover issues and identify recommended improvements. This process enables us to help you create an energy strategy that addresses financial obligations and affords scalability for the future. We will work with you through each step of the process — from design, engineering and install to ongoing service, maintenance and optimization — to promote environmental and business goals with options that can deliver improved return on investment. Challenge us to help you reach your energy efficiency goals, contact us today.

Integrated Security

Protect Your Business with a Completely Integrated Solution Mitigating high-risk threats and meeting security requirements are crucial to keeping your building, occupants, assets and intellectual property safe. You need solutions in place for risk management and life cycle support of your security equipment. FT Williams & Associates' comprehensive approach to the threats you face will bring you a total security solution providing: Operational intelligence for better decision making Improved real-time response Smarter planning and resource allocation Increased flexibility for future growth and adaptation Reduced risk Enhanced ability to comply with certain regulatory requirements and security policies Lower operational and life cycle costs Achieve Greater Efficiency and Security No matter how complex your needs are, FT Williams & Associates can create custom solutions using flexible technology and open architecture to fit your business strategy ― from design, engineering, installation and commissioning to maintenance and servicing ― to help maximize your return on investment. Lower operational expenses through more efficient technology and better usage of existing equipment Increase staff productivity through a single, integrated interface to all control systems Improve strategic planning through sound risk management Increase safety through state-of-the-art security and surveillance systems For integrated solutions that help make your business safe and secure, contact us today.

Fire & Life Safety

Smart, Integrated Fire Detection and Building Management Fire detection is one of the most challenging issues you face, and improving fire and life safety monitoring and management while reducing costs requires new ways of working. At FT Williams & Associates we understand the challenges and legal requirements you face, which is why we have teamed up with Honeywell to provide you with intelleigent fire detection solutions to help you decrease response time, reduce risk and validate for regulatory compliance. Single Point of Access for Monitoring and Control Honeywell provides options for integration based on your needs and goals. Your fire and life safety solutions can remain standalone applications, or they can be integrated with your other building management systems — including security, HVAC and access systems — into a single, scalable platform, providing better monitoring and control of your facility, while protecting your investments and helping reduce costs. Smoke and fire detection Sprinkler supervision Emergency communications Access and process control Electronic mustering Control room monitoring Integration Made Easy Honeywell makes integration easier, supporting open technology that connects to existing and third-party systems. This allows us to offer you Honeywell products and solutions for design, installation, maintenance and ongoing support for a truly intelligent approach to building integration. No matter how complex, we can help you: Gain early fire detection Speed response times, get emergency messages out quicker, and promote safer evacuations Increase security of entrances and exits Enhance the likelihood of recovering from a fire Promote compliance with safety legislation and related regulatory requirements Ongoing Support to Improve System Performance With on-time delivery of fire and alarm systems and ongoing service, your building operations will remain functional, reliable and consistently maintained with Honeywell. We’ll manage the complexity of your systems and help increase the life span of your assets. For intelligent, integrated fire and life safety solutions that can make your building safer and more secure, contact us today.

Intelligent Buildings

Intelligent Buildings: Automate, Communicate and Integrate Achieve more with fewer resources by implementing a seamless, single-point of access to your building, fire, security and energy management solutions. Honeywell’s powerful enterprise solutions help create intelligent buildings that can provide many advantages: Optimized building performance and functionality Automated monitoring and control through a single, manageable platform Maximized energy and operational efficiency Better decision-making abilities Strategic control of your facility and reduced risk Lower life cycle costs Increased safety and security for greater occupant comfort Improved ROI over the life span of your building The Key to Intelligence is Integration To realize these advantages, it is key to integrate your new and existing building management systems, solutions, technologies and business processes into one platform. The result will be more efficient performance, simplified operations and more affordable growth through reduced energy and operating costs. Building integration helps protect your investments and ensures long-lasting building value. To integrate and automate your building management systems, contact us today.


Service and Maintenance Options That Provide Right-Sized Peace of Mind What constitutes the “right” level of service for mechanical equipment and automation systems differs from facility to facility. Whether you simply need to identify a reliable resource for fast and accurate repairs, or you want to continually optimize the performance of your building, Honeywell provides a tiered approach to service that meets your equipment needs, failure tolerance and budget. A Customized Approach to Your Service Plan FT Williams & Associates provide comprehensive maintenance plans that are flexible and developed based on a full assessment of your specific needs. Before recommending a service program, we’ll conduct an in-depth review of your equipment and systems, providing a detailed list of services your system may require, from application programming and software upgrades to component replacement and staff support. Our modular and flexible contracts cover your facility’s mechanical, temperature control, security, fire and life safety, and building automation systems. Setting a New Standard for Service and Support Our investment in people, technology and systems provides an easy, seamless and responsive service experience. We have highly trained Honeywell certified technicians who know how to work with your equipment and can respond quickly to service needs. Our critical parts stocking system provides fast service delivery. And our user-friendly reports and online portal provide easy tracking and analysis of repair and service history. We can help you match a service and maintenance approach to your facility. Contact us to get started.

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